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Congratulations for A paper from the University of Cambridge published, in...


Delica has received a paper from Dr Peter Smielewski, Researcher of University of Cambridge, published in Critical Ultrasound Journal, indicating below

The current Delica EMS 9D robotic TCD system pro-vides the ability to obtain 4+ h of continuous, uninter-rupted bilateral TCD recordings in critically ill TBI patients, undergoing other various invasive/non-invasive multi-modal monitoring. Further, the automated algo-rithms and robotic probe drive aid in TCD set-up and optimization of signal intensity during patient movements, allowing for extended duration uninterrupted recordings. This feature is a major step towards more continuous non-invasive neuromonitoring. Finally, the monitor itself provides the ability to run ICM + software, directly recording high-frequency digital signals from the robotic TCD, amongst all other multi-modal monitoring devices within moderate/severe TBI patients. Please check below link to find detailed information: